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LOS TOPOS 330028109181.000
MANCHESTER 330022109121.000
PARIS.F.C 321030136170.667
CRACK CITY 32102214680.667
CABAÑAS 311111124-10.333
LAS MORITAS F.C 311111154-40.333
ELEGIDOS S.A 31202419350.333
PATTERSON 312012183-60.333
BOMBERS F.C 30309310-220.000
JALISCO F.C 30303300-270.000
League Details
League Type: LeagueRoundRobin
Demographic: Mens Open
Division: A
Sport: Indoor Soccer - Mens (Rules & Regulations)
Start Date: 11/12/2023
End Date: 12/6/2023
Status: InProgress
Team Fee:
PlayerFee: $60.00
Other Fee Info: Must be member ($5.00 membership fee payable once)
Tienen que ser miembros ($5.00 de membresia pagado una sola vez)
Must have player ID at all times to play, for every league, no exceptions.
More Info: Must pay $30.00 on the first day of registration and $30.00 on the next game played.
Tiene que pagar $30.00 el primer dia de registracion y $30.00 el siguiente partido jugado.